Just War Theory (46 min)

Title: Just War Theory (46 min)
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Can a soldier, state, or a nation ever justify war? Killing in combat on any scale? Some say no. They may be called by the name, “pacifist.” I respect people who take a very hard stand against ever fighting. There are perhaps no things more horrible. It is impossible, however, to make the pacifist’s case from Scripture. War can be inevitable and necessary. Military action can be an extension of its nation’s civil government acting in every legitimate capacity of a police force or criminal court. The question for me becomes how can we ensure that what we’re doing is honorable before God? Knowing that each of us will give an account to Jesus for what we’ve done in life? Can a nation, a person, or a state ever conduct war “honorably?” My answer is yes. Statements such as the following from one war commentator show what I think is a necessary side to considering war and preparing for it when he said, “The sole legitimate purpose of war is to secure a better peace than that which existed prior to war…” For men and women in control of military power at all levels today, the consideration of just war theory is essential to combat ethics for a hundred reasons. Even if someone is so foolish as to claim atheism, we want him or her accountable to the kind of principles I’ll discuss here in this message today. This talk was given to a large group of Soldiers in June of 2019 and does not necessarily represent the views of the United States Army itself. It is my personal address of the subject during what we call a “Prayer Lunch.” I hope it’s a blessing to you as you consider it, especially if you’re a brother or sister of mine in arms.

(You’ll hear an external audio message played here with some quotes from some historic American leaders. The quotes you’ll hear are taken from a show called, “The Way of the Master” and come from season 3, episode 31. Uploading the power point here with that video file attached makes it too large of a file. You’ll just hear the quotes read in this audio recording. The rest of the slides are attached without the video).

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