Jesus on How to Not Enter Into Judgment (19 min)

Title: Jesus on How to Not Enter Into Judgment (19 min)
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John 5:24 is a solemn promise from the Son of God to all who believe in him. It’s a bridge for believers in every generation to unite their trust in the God who they read about who has always fulfilled his promises to his people to the sure hope that he will fulfill his promises to them as well. In many ways, not entering into judgment with God after death is a summation of the hope of all of the Christian life. Christians, unlike the rest of the world, will not have their sin held against them. They will not be judged for it. Judgment is the second death Jesus saves us from. It is the condemnation Jesus rescues us from. The reconciling work of the Cross is in that Jesus underwent judgment for his church. I hope you come to appreciate more of what it means to be “saved” from this short message today. Blessings!

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