James 2:1-13. Christians Are To Treat Others in Light of Their New Life

Title: James 2:1-13. Christians Are To Treat Others in Light of Their New Life
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If we are followers of Jesus then his Gospel should impact everything we do. This is true both privately and corporately. Christianity is no new religion, but this wasn’t always the case. Just after Christ had Ascended, the church’s appointed leaders (The Apostles) began to codify doctrine and prescribe details about church life in their letters. Christianity is a continuation of God’s works in Israel throughout what we call the “Old Covenant”, but it wasn’t just “business as usual” by any stretch of the imagination. The Messiah had come. Christians now lived under a “New Covenant”. While there is a great deal of overlap between the old and the new, when we consider the Gospel of Christ in our lives today there is new light to examine everything in. What we see here in James today is a small part of what that new life looks like. It’s not that they went at it alone. God chose certain men at a certain time in history for this apostolic work and he fully equipped them for it. He inspired them to write and preserved their writings to this day for us as well. As the Gospel began to take root in the early church, the followers of Jesus had to learn to live out the Gospel they’d received in their every day goings on. What James is talking about here today is just such an example.

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