Ephesians Study. Part 3. 1:13-17 (153 min)

Title: Ephesians Study. Part 3. 1:13-17 (153 min)
Message Description:

Today, we have the privilege of considering God’s word together again. We’ll continue through Ephesians to consider just what it means when Paul writes that a Christian’s faith comes with a sealing from God the Holy Spirit. How is the Holy Spirit a pledge from God of all that’s to come for the believer? We’ll consider a small picture of the promise of the Holy Spirit, how it was brought to pass according to Jesus, and where it shows up in the New Covenant. And when we come to see it, perhaps we’ll see more clearly why Paul thanks God all the time for the faith of people. We’ll also consult John and Peter on this subject to see the consistency of these promises in the Bible. All of this can enlighten us to the wonderful reality of the faith delivered once for all time to the saints…being alive in us today. I pray it’s a blessing to you as you join us. Once this series is finished, the messages will be placed back to back in order.

Immediately following the sermon we’ll have our weekly question and answer session. We’ll discuss the Trinity, independence or distinction in the members of the Trinity, modalism/its current modified format of Oneness Pentecostalism, why we evangelize in light of God’s sovereign election and more. So stick around.

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