Ephesians Study. Part 10. 4:1-10 (101 min)

Title: Ephesians Study. Part 10. 4:1-10 (101 min)
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Here, Paul moves from substance and discourse on theological reality to exhortation to live it out. This is a rather well-set custom in his writings. There’s always a bit of both in the Scriptures, but his general pattern is clearly noticeable here in this letter for the rest of the book. He’s already explained in great detail the eternal mystery of the ages now plainly revealed in Christ’s Gospel. God in this book indeed gives us a wide view of the Faith. Paul writes to believers about the sure hope of God’s calling because he wants them to glory in it. He tells them how God himself glories in the church. The church needs to know both her place and her head. Paul has explained the foundations of the faith and begins this chapter with a “therefore” exhorting them to walk worthy of it. Today, we’ll talk about living out the Faith into which we’ve been called. The Christian religion is a faith seen in the lives and works of the church. We’ll see in these words today some great truths about our faith and its ultimate source. From where does our unity truly come as disciples? And how can we cultivate it? What makes for peace? What role does humility play in love? How is it even possible to live worthy of such an amazing calling? It’s all here. We’ll consider what it means that Christ descended to the lower parts of the earth. We’ll look also at what it means to now have an Ascended Christ. Once this series is finished, the messages will be placed back to back in order.

Our Q&A time will begin just after sermon at about one hour and fifteen minutes today. If I recall, I’ll field a few great questions about Christ’s incarnation, calling men our fathers though Jesus says not to, and where evil forces currently operate in the world.

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