The Bitter Sweetness of Rooted Repentance (23 min)

Title: The Bitter Sweetness of Rooted Repentance (23 min)
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It’s very late, but I loved sharing this. The joys of repentance are wonderful. The closer we grow to Jesus, the more tender we become in our awareness of our sin. When an informed faith manifests itself in joyous contrition it is a wonderful expression of worship to God. It is a most holy thing to fear the Lord. To repent of sin. To trust in Christ. To stand rooted in Christ’s justification is the only way that such fruit can be born and sustained in our lives. We must know the truth to delight in it. That’s what is all about. When Romans 5:1-2 is rooted in Matthew 5:4 you have a partial fulfillment of Psalm 16:11 on your lips because you know that Psalm 16:10 was once upon the lips of the Savior who has saved you by his merit, and given you his righteousness. Solus Christus!

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