Answering the Roman Catholic Faith. Pt 2 (62 min)

Title: Answering the Roman Catholic Faith. Pt 2 (62 min)
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As I’ve grown as a disciple of Jesus Christ I’ve become more and more certain of the absolute necessity of God’s free and unmerited grace to be the center of my professed religion. I have become more aware of just how horrible my sin is, and therefore how certain I am that my faith was not my idea. I’ve become more certain that Jesus alone has the words of eternal life, and that there’s no one else to whom I can go. I’ve become increasingly aware that the holy Scriptures alone are to be the final source and final authority for all truth. I’ve been made to see with certainty that God is about his own glory on his earth…and I love that. This is the five solas in different words.

Because I’ve grown in my certainty in these things I have serious convictions that set me at odds with the Roman Catholic faith. Especially that faith post the Protestant Reformation.

This is part 2 of 2 of this message. I have done other resources on Roman Catholicism here:

Post tenebras lux. “After darkness light.” Oh, hallelujah! Light!!!

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