Acts Study. Between Chapters 15 and 16. MacArthur Sermon Aid (64 min)

Title: Acts Study. Between Chapters 15 and 16. MacArthur Sermon Aid (64 min)
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This sermon will aid our study of Acts in remarkable ways. I played the video through our projector in our conference room for our Bible study members as we enjoyed the delicious Cuban sandwiches my amazing wife made for us. I hope it helps anyone going through this Acts series with us to see the message preached in Acts, and the whole of the New Covenant, more clearly. The sermon is 51:28 long. I play it straight through with no stops for any real comments, so, if you want to just listen through my introduction of it to 4:20, go to the link below and watch the sermon for yourself, then come back to us at 55:50 to wrap the talk up for the day with a few comments, you’re encouraged to do so. The link to the video on Grace To You is below. If listening all the way through is what you can or wish to do, of course, you can do that too. God bless!

The Sermon is Called, “Christ The Expositor.” Here’s the link:

This entire Acts series of messages is available in the audio section of The plan is to post them weekly. After the study is complete, the messages will be placed back to back in order.

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