Acts Study (21 of 44). 11:1-18 (57 min)

Title: Acts Study (21 of 44). 11:1-18 (57 min)
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God the beautiful Son himself, Moses, David, Isaiah, Daniel, Peter and more. We’ll consult them all today to consider God’s global plan of redemption of his people foretold from the beginning. I want you to understand the concept of the Bible as a meta narrative. An all-encompassing story of God’s plans on his earth that spills over time itself into eternity. Here in Acts 11, we have the justification given by Peter about why exactly he went into Cornelius’s home and did all that he did. God showed him some amazing things recorded for us in the last chapter. Today, we sit on the tail end of over two-thousand years of history chronically the going forth of this Gospel on the planet. Here is the first time God showed Peter precisely why he’s to do it. We’re in the present day the recipients of the grace they first began to bring from this time period. Jesus brought in a global grace mission and the disciples got to work in it as they were ordered to. We get to see it unfolding here in Acts right before our eyes. God bless.

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