Statement of Faith

Biblecia Faith Statement

Our audio messages, articles and videos will of course attempt to show who we are, what we believe, and why we believe it in greater depth. This is simply an abbreviated reference. The first eight of these truths (though not exhaustive) are absolute Christian essentials as they can be identified today to serve as division when division is necessary. We uphold the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.



We believe that the Christian religion falls doctrinally under two simple headings: knowing God and knowing ourselves.
1. We affirm that the Holy Bible is perfect in its original text. God wrote it. The church of Jesus Christ has a 66 book Bible.
2. We affirm the physical, literal and historical Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
3. We affirm that salvation is by grace through faith alone and not by any works. We have no merit to boast of in our salvation. Our righteousness is an alien righteousness.
4. We affirm that God is triune. In the nature of the only one true and living God there are three coequal Persons. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. The Christian God is without exception one Holy Trinity.
5. We affirm Jesus’ Virgin Birth.
6. We affirm Jesus’ perfect sinlessness.
7. We affirm that Jesus is the only way to heaven for all because all men are dead, even by the Ten Commandments alone, in personal trespasses and sins.
8. We deny non-Lordship salvation. We must be born again. This will change us progressively and place us willingly at war with all known sin in our lives.

9. We affirm that the Bible requires a person simply to have a right faith in the right God. The Christian church’s depth of doctrinal specificity is required by the unending disputations of her antagonists.
10. We affirm the 66 books of the Christian canon, no more, no less.
11. We affirm these Scriptures as the only authoritative, absolute and indispensable truth over the church universal.
12. We affirm that this canon of Scripture is now closed.
13. We deny tongues as a private prayer language and affirm this intelligible language gift in its Biblically demonstrated context alone – a sign for unbelievers.
14. We deny that the Holy Ghost gets any Christian drunk in His Spirit.
15. We affirm that all forms of sexual immorality to include fornication, polygamy, homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia and bestiality are sin.
16. We affirm that God is the omnipotent sovereign over all things and that the world exists exactly as he ordained.
17. We deny the health, wealth and prosperity gospel.
18. We affirm the existence of one universal worldwide church of Jesus Christ.
19. We affirm a literal six day creation of earth placing its age within thousands of years. This matter is subject to debate so long as all foolish Darwinian evolution is absent.
20. We deny the hilarity of evolution on any macro level.
21. We affirm the existence of both an eternal hell and an eternal heaven.
22. We affirm the blessedness of church discipline.
23. We affirm God’s Biblical order in ordaining only men to the pastorate.
24. We affirm Christ’s imminent return in glory. If you’re not looking for him he is not coming for you.
25. We affirm the commanded responsibility of every Christian to share the gospel.
26. We deny that salvation is surely imputed when a person simply “prays a prayer.” Human decision is no sure confirmation of salvation.
27. We deny that Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus, was sinless.
28. We deny that men, even Christians, are little gods.
29. We affirm all five points of Calvinism, a.k.a. TULIP.
30. We affirm the existence of a literal Satan, a fallen angel.
31. We deny that truth is relative to anyone but God.
32. We affirm that repentance and faith are necessary components of true salvation.
33. We deny abortion as a choice or right. It is cold-blooded, pre-meditated, murder.
34. We affirm that God is omniscient.
35. We affirm the doctrine of original sin.
36. We affirm and seek to model a strong commitment to all five solas of the Protestant Reformation.
37. We affirm that salvation is something knowable and evident by the evidences given in Scripture.
38. We deny that gender is a journey. To seek to change one’s sexual identity in any way is an unacceptable perversion.
39. We deny that doctrinal specificity is the enemy of a simple childlike faith.