I, Joseph Pittano grew up in and around Mineral Ridge, Ohio just outside neighboring Youngstown. I graduated high school in Champion in 1996. Since I left home just after high school I’ve lived all over the country while serving in the military. I enlisted in the Air Force in 1998 and commissioned in the Army in 2007. After nearly nineteen years of service I became a chaplain in the US Army. We currently live in Vilseck, Germany. I’ve deployed four times- once to Kuwait, once to Iraq, and twice to Afghanistan in support of America and her interests.

These days, aside from loving my family, I spend as much time as I can in Bible study, prayer, witnessing, writing, teaching and fellowship in the local church. I have an AA from a heretical school that shall remain unnamed (before I was a true believer), two engineering degrees from the US Air Force, a bachelor’s degree in business and computers from the University of South Florida, and a master’s degree in religious education from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

My ministry is a teaching one. I’ve been ordained as a Southern Baptist reverend since 2010. I strongly lean toward the Reformed side of the house and its classical/historical Baptist soteriology. I am a Reformed Baptist by confession. My favorite confession of faith is the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.

I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Lydia since 2004 and we have four kids. We have three girls- Sophi, Leah, and Maddie, and one son- Coen. Lydia has a creative writing bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, and is herself a dearly loved Bible teacher of women and children wherever we get to serve. We both thoroughly enjoy in-home Bible study and live to open our home to others for that purpose. Most people come to the evening studies for Lydia’s cooking, however, not my teaching.

Since my conversion, I’ve been teaching wherever I’m of use in the world. I’ve moved 17 times in 19 years so I don’t get to serve in churches for too long before moving on. I treasure personal evangelism more than anything else. I’ve shared several pulpits in pastoral internships, done open-air preaching, been a guest speaker at a few Christian youth conferences, taught numerous Sunday Schools, taught evening semester classes at churches, led numerous home Bible studies, facilitated church new member’s classes and preached in theaters on military installations on everything from Bible assembly and canonicity to God’s sovereignty, the gospel, and evangelism. I’ve even been known to play guitar in church a few times. I have a small mailing list for my letters that I share with anyone I can.

My primary joy in life is taking the truths of Scripture and teaching Christians why they should love them. I find great joy in relating, interpreting and expounding Scripture with Scripture. My plan is to retire from the military and be a church-man till I preach my own funeral, climb in the casket, and go home.

Above all things, however, I humbly confess that a wretch such as I can only boast in the Cross of Jesus Christ.

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Soli Deo Gloria!